Sunday, May 22, 2011

She buys, she plants, she buys, she plants

 Look carefully just to the left of the red "X."  There you will see the Planting Lady (AKA: Susun).  As the stroke of 9 am nears on a Saturday morning, the Planting Lady begins to hyperventilate--"LET'S GO," she calls.  As soon as the truck stops, she bounds forth in a single leap and zeros in on her score of the week.  Now she is Happy once again and the Planting Lady can resume her all-consuming pastime!

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Kirsty said...

Lovely selection! I wish the planting lady would come and pay my garden a visit. She would love the soil-it is swamp soil, very rich and lovely-it grows weeds beautifully ;) It just needs someone with the energy to get out there and work it. Planting Lady we need you! We planted 4 flats of impatiens yesterday and it seemed like a feat of epic proportion. I