Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Neighbor, Cody

Living in Eastern Idaho is a perpetual exercise in watching children in all phases of their growth--from newborn babies to toddlers to pre-schoolers to grade school kids to high school skateboarders to laid back college kids.  Contrary to what kids think, they aren't even close to mature until at least 10 years past high school graduation and even then that's debatable. But we digress.

One of our many neighbor children is named Cody.  This afternoon he was caught vacuuming his parent's vehicle in preparation of going to one of the local drive-in movies.  (Idaho Falls has TWO drive in movie theaters!)  Susun took Cody's photo and then Cody asked if he could take Susun's picture.  This is Cody's very FIRST published photographed.  GOOD JOB, Cody!

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stasea said...

beautiful!! He brought out the best in her!!