Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Mow We Go, The Mow We Go!

 As the trees begin to bud, so does the grass grow.  And as those tender blades spread their green wings to the sky, so do people young and old roll out the lawn mowers and run hither and yon across their yards giving their grass yet another spring buzz cut.  Here we have a Happy Family.  Above, Danielle and Brooklyn share a Mother-Daughter moment behind their own mowers.  Below, Jared and Cody pair up for a Father-Son, one-two punch on their yard.  Danielle, Jared, Cody and Brooklyn are our neighbors across Cranmer Street.  We enjoy their smiles and watching their kids grow like kids are wont to do.  Danielle is a Loyal Blog Reader and keeps up to date on all our "doings."  THANKS, Danielle, Jared, Cody and Brooklyn for all your great energy and Happy Faces!  Many Cheers!  J&S

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