Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mid May already

'Tis another somewhat blustery day here.  Temps are in the mid-50's but it has been gusting into the mid-20's so it feels a lot cooler than 54 degrees.  And it's cloudy to boot.  Maybe we will go bicycle riding and maybe not.  We did get both bikes rigged and ready to go yesterday.  We shall see.

We went on down to the Farmers Market yesterday morning and Susun scored some special flowering annuals that she has been hankering for.  She said the FM price was 75% less than the store price for the same thing.  She spent $26 so I guess that means she saved $75.  She spent the entire day planting flowers in her various containers.  The place it beginning to look like its typical summer self.

For my part, I went out to the pistol range I "discovered" this  week.  I put up a long post about the experience over on the hobby blog.  You can click here to read it.  Warning-it's a HUGE long post--like almost a book.

Each spring the major big box retailers feature camping equipment and the headliners are always the year's new tents.  We always LOVE reading about the hottest tents of the year.  These are the type of tents that probably only get used once.  It's hard to even imagine how difficult they would be to set up.  These three from K-Mart are classics of the genre.  The top one comes with a two speed overhead fan and light with a wall switch if you can believe that. The middle one sleeps TEN adults if you can visualize that--that's one short of a full football team.  I can't possibly imagine sleeping in a tent with nine other adults.  Talk about Animal House.  The bottom tent would probably need a building permit from your local county.  Geeze--over 200 square feet?  You've got to be kidding.  Gabled roof?  Be sure to check out the two stall toilet/shower/changing rooms hiding in the background of this Taj Majal.  Well, it's hard to imagine how another retailer will top these three tents.  We will keep an eagle eye out and be sure to let you know if somebody tops these puppies.

Not sure what we're going to do today.  I guess we will have to read our own blog tomorrow to find out.  Have a great day and Many Cheers, jp

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