Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going with the flow

 There was a wee bit of an April storm here while we were gone.  Happy Jack got 10 inches of snow on Sunday.  Well, the gubmint's SNOTEL shows all that snow there is gone now.  Gee, I wonder where it went?  Ah, shucks, it went on downstream.  Dry Beaver Creek was basically dry yesterday and now look at it.  Heck, it's running well over 200 cfs this morning and 24 hours ago it had less than ONE cfs in it!  Wet Beaver is showing signs of coming up, too.  We suspect Sycamore, Oak and West Clear Creeks will rally a little bit, too.

What does this mean?  Ah, so...simple: the Verde River from the White Bridge to Beasley will be a nice run this week and will even perhaps sustain decent flow into the weekend.  It won't be much on the grand scale of things but it will be better than the 166 cfs it's running right now.  Since the weather forecast is for clear, sunny skies with temps in the 70's and maybe low 80's, this is probably the locals' last chance to squeeze in a spring run there.  The trees are all fully leafed out and the place is glorious right now.  Enjoy & Happy Trails, jp

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