Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, Howdy from 2nd Chance Ranch!  We thought we'd throw in a little something different this afternoon upon our arrival back at Straw Central.We LOVE diversity!  Back in the Midwest it's all Lilly White People who look the same and talk the same.  Seeing someone different is rather unusual.  After we deplaned and picked up the truck at the airport parking lot, we hot-footed it to the COFCO Chinese Cultural Center (44th St. & the 202)  Yes, the Chinese government actually owns this grocery store.  No kidding.  Anyway, it's so wonderful to dive into that place and breathe in the cultural diversity there.  It's SOOOO--as in AH, SO---refreshing it almost made me dizzy with glee.  I stayed inside there the better part of an hour waiting for Susun's plane to arrive.  Anyway, when you buy stuff there, they wrap up your bottle in Chinese language newspaper pages.  After what I've experienced here in the past few days, it just seemed somehow very appropriate to paste it up here above this blog post. Diversity LIVES!

If you ever have to wait for someone at Sky Harbor, I highly recommend hanging out at the Super L Ranch Market there at the COFCO Chinese Cultural Center.  You can boogie down to the Terminal 4 Cell Phone Lot in less than 10 minutes (usually about 5 minutes).  It's a straight shot to Terminal 4.  Meanwhile, there's enough stuff inside that market to keep you entertained for hours.  Plus they have a great restaurant in there and mass quantities of live fish--more fish than most small town aquariums.  Their produce section will make you dream of cooking Asian food and there's at least 50 varieties each of soy sauce, noodles and typical Asian fare.  Prices can be great if you are an astute shopper.  I got a big bottle of pure sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, low sodium soy, a fresh bottle of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and a pound of fresh ginger for a grand total of twelve bucks.

We arrived back here at 4 pm--no stops--just BAM--outta the airport and straight home like the proverbial horses to the barn.  Everything looks great around here.  About 99+% of the weeds are totally dead and crisp brown awaiting the flame soon to come.  It's windy but that's sure not gonna stop a campfire tonight.  WHEW--it's great to be back here in Rim ROX!  Have a great evening & MANY Cheers!  jp

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The Goatherder said...

Did you get any Lucky Buddha Beer? I tried the stuff recently. Comes in a cutesy green buddha shaped bottle. Tastes like half Heineken and half water. Fizzes up like club soda and then just sits there in your glass, nary a bubble. No indication on the label of it's melamine content. :-O