Thursday, April 7, 2011

For the camp cook who has everything

Well, here they are: two irresistible gee-gaws from Cabela's.  There's a Cabela's down here in the Valley so the daily newspaper carries an advertising insert.  We couldn't help but notice these two interesting objects.  The one above hold 49 jalapeño peppers.  The one below is what we would call a two-fisted burger press for the Muy Macho He Man Bubba Boyz.  No wimpy burgers for them Dudes.  Nope, with that press, you could go through a side of beef purty dern pronto.  We're fixing to drive off to the airport here real soon and just wanted to leave ya'll with fond thought of the camp cook who has everything and not this just in.  (And the answer is: "NO, we are NOT buying these.  Honest.")  And the other answer for The Goatherder is: Arundo Donax.  Have a great day and Cheers, jp

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The Goatherder said...

Arundo Donax sounds more like what should be the name of that fancy burger machine. "Make your burgers identical all the time with the new improved Arundo Donax Meat Puck Press", made by elves in the Black Forest. Thanks though, we needed that taxonomic designation big time.
Hope you arrived safely in Indeeanna and Susun got to wherever she was going all apiece as well. Enjoy!
The wind blew like crazy all day today.
FyI: Weed whacking dry foxtails in 35 mph gusts = bad idea.