Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Clones & Rain

Maybe the title of this post should be "Raining Clones."  Hopefully, it's not raining clowns.  That could be a bad thing depending on their sense of humor and costume, of course.

A year ago, Susun ventured out all by herself to find a digital camera to tickle her fancy.  I didn't want any part of her camera search--she was TOTALLY on her own--no advice from me.  She brought back a winner and over the past year, I have been very impressed with its capabilities and output.  She gets AAA+++ on her life chart for finding that camera.  It has served her well.

Well, OK, let's fast forward to today.  I am suddenly "cameraless."  You can imagine the feeling of anxiety welling in my throat from being without a way to capture images.  Folks, this is a major problem.  So, today we set out to buy another camera.  We went straight to the nearest Sam's Club.  It's down in Gilbert, Arizona. Gilbert was Dilbert's little brother, the one that never got his 15 seconds of fame.  The Nerd Family had two sons, Gilbert and Dilbert....oh, never mind.

Well, Susun went to look at tank tops and I to digital cameras.  I went over all the selections with my typical fine tooth comb and, lo and behold, I picked out the Canon A3000is.  You can click here for Canon's webpage.  Well, guess what?  That's precisely the SAME camera Susun picked out a year ago all by herself!!!!!  We're clones now--we have totally matching digital cameras, a genuine first in this Clown Family.

Meanwhile, I went out and bought a Samsung T139 cell phone for Susun.  Believe it or not, that's the same phone I use, too!  So, today we cloned both our cameras AND our cell phones and now we have identical models of each.  How weird is that?  Very weird.

Meanwhile, it rained down here in Mesa.  It sprinkled off and on most of the day.  It even sprinkled some holy water on us at the Dobson Ranch Golf Course Driving Range while Roger was coaching Susun on her swing.  But tonight during Happy Hour, it flat cut loose and actually RAINED.  There was water running in the street and even an hour later it was like WET outside!  Imagine that.  Let's put this into perspective.  it generally does not rain ANYWHERE in Arizona after April Fool's Day. Yeah, sometimes it rains or even snows up north but in Mesa?  Fuggetaboutit.  By law, statues and long-standing convention and generations of folklore, it simply doesn't rain here after April One until monsoons arrive.

Well, the magnetic poles must have reversed or something.  Maybe it's the sunspots.  But it RAINED here today.  Maybe it was the clones....or clowns...or clouds in my coffee...or something like that.

There's lots more to report about today but not enough time or inclination to tickle these keys a second longer.  We're outta here.  Cheers, jp

"I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee, and... "

From Joni Mitchell, "You're So Vain"


Maggie said...

How could you? You're so vain is Carly Simon. I am not sure this is forgivable.

Kbred777 said...

I had to go look up the writer of You're So Vain to make sure I hadn't been mistaken all these years. Funny that my Mom noticed too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Carly Simon on You're So Vain. Mick Jagger sings background vocals on that and rumor has it that it was written about Warren Beatty. I am a walking Joni Mitchel (Roberta Joan Anderson-real name) you couldn't get that one by me. The first (one of very few) song of hers that she allowed another to sing is "That Song About The Midway". She let Bonnie Raitt record that on her "Streetlights" album.
Ok...enuf from your Flagstaff friend! nem