Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday already?

What happened to Monday and Tuesday?  Well they are history now and it's Wednesday and time for the Chicago Cubs game today.  We will be heading over to the ballfield a little after noon. The game starts about 2 pm and we don't expect to get back here until about 5 pm.  The last baseball game we attended was the day before the D-backs Field opened here in Phoenix sometime back in the 1990's.

This morning, we both might be going to a golf swing lesson at the Mesa Hilton.  Sounds impressive but it's only $14 and Susun would get to go free for that price so it's seven bucks a pop if we both go.  The jury's out on her attendance.  That pretty well shoots the whole day.  Heck, I might not even have time to squeeze in a Harbor Freight pilgrimage.  On the way north tomorrow, we have to make several retail stops and also pick up a used Samurai carbureator out in Happy Valley.

Monday started out with an unusual event.  I had my brains scrambled and thought the NRCD meeting was at 9 am.  I showed up there 15 minutes early and no one else appeared.  Got back home and realized the meeting was March 14th. much for my reading comprehension skills.  Then it was off to Cottonwood for a variety of errands, including a nice visit with Myron at Zuks Off Road.  Susun spent a good portion of the day visiting with Amy and Betty.  That afternoon, I fabbed up a new battery hold down for SuziQ, changed her spark plugs, swapped out the fan belt, too, and then made a top rack for the Nissan. Someone had gapped the old plugs at .45 and they were supposed to be .30.  She runs a lot better now.  The fan belt was badly cracked and it's a miracle it hadn't already snapped.

Tuesday was a sprint to the finish from the 'git go.'  I left for the Target Shoot at 7:45 and got home at 11:30.  Then we packed up, loaded and strapped down the iron bed and headed to Mesa at 1:30.  We delivered the iron bed to the buyer in Central Phoenix and somehow managed to avoid rush hour traffic, scooting over to Mesa in record time.  We visited Deseret Industries and picked up some nice items.  Then it was off to the grocery to buy stuff to fix dinner for Roger and Nancy and we finally showed up at their house at 5:30 pm.  Whew.  I told Susun I felt like a rag doll in a dust devil.

You'd be happy to know the iron bed went to a wonderful home.  The little girl for whom the bed was purchased was enthralled with it.  Her face was the happiest looking kid face I've seen in many years.  The girl told Susun she was going to "feel like a princess" in the bed.  The Mom thanked us for selling it to them.  They were delightful people and it was a memorable moment.  We were all very happy.

The Target Shoot was the most fun yet.  We cooked some coffee for everyone and this time Gary bought the donuts.  The Goatherder was there and we all had a fine time. Life is good.

Well, that's about it for now.  Cheers, jp

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stasea said...

Ok... Glad to know the iron headboard made someone very happy!!