Monday, March 7, 2011

Plans are made to be changed

'Twas a nice campfire last night.  Marsha and Lin came over to spend the evening and have dinner here at 2nd Chance Ranch.  Mirth and merriment ought to be Marsha's middle names.  She and Lin brought a lot of spirit to the Sunday evening campfire.  It was a hoot in more ways than one.  The sunset rocked, too. (Photo below blog post.)

'Twas a busy day for both of us Sunday. Susun left early to help Lin (right) with some very special chores.  She returned about 4 pm.  I changed the oil in SuziQ and then went to Camp Verde to buy a pork roast and beverages.  After that I hustled off to the Sedona Ranger District to buy an OHV trail map.  Somehow the day flew by and campfire time arrived seemingly right after morning coffee time!

We have this motto we've been using for about 8-10 years: "Plans are made to be changed."  Just about the time we make a plan, it's time to change it.  A short time ago, we wrote here on the blog how we were going up the slow road through Moab to do the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands.  Nope--that's ain't gonna happen.  No can do, Kathmandu.  Why dat?  Well, April 16-24 is the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab.  It is easily and clearly Moab's busiest weekend of the year.  Probably more than 1,000 Jeeps converge on Moab from all over America.  It's a legendary event steeped in OHV mythology.  Jeep owners consider their Easter trip to Moab right up there with a pilgrimage to Mecca.  There's nary a motel room or campsite to be had unless you've reserved a year in advance.  Every trail within 50 miles of Moab is packed full of Jeepers running hither and yon as Jeeps are wont to do.  Nopem we ain't gonna go nowhere NEAR Moab.  We will be on the other side of the state--that's for danged certain sure.

The new plan is to leave about the same time as predicted earlier and go to Kanab.  There we will the Skutumpah-Cottonwood Run.  We did it in 2001 and have been wanting to do it again ever since.  We will try to get a permit to The Wave as well.  Then we'll move up to Beaver and spend a day or two doing some of the West Desert trails from there.  After that, we'll move up to Fillmore for some more West Desert exploration.  And, from there, we're driving straight back to Idaho Falls.  We're now planning on arriving a few days earlier than previously predicted.  Funny how the second we make a plan, a new reality comes along and changes it.

Our time schedule is essentially now booked and we have only 14 days to finish up our various homeowner projects, etc. before The Spudboater shows up on March 24th.  Time will really fly from that point until our return to Idaho.  Gee, this winter has been a blur.  Cheers, jp

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