Friday, March 4, 2011

SuziQ Snowshoe

Yesterday we took SuziQ up into snow country.  We topped out around 7500 feet.  There's a LOT of snow up there and it was real fun snowshoeing.  We're guessing this snowpack will hang around for awhile.  Meanwhile, as you get a little lower in elevation near the edge of the snowpack, there's water running every which including loose.  The Stoneman Road was in fine shape but all the other roads are closed and with good reason--they are a muddy, gooey mess.  We ignored one "Road Closed" sign and danged near got ourselves stuck in the middle of nowhere. Click here to read about the trip on our Zuki Trips blog.
We were actually attempting to get over to Table Mtn. to see the little known waterfall in Mullican Canyon.  With all the mud, that idea was out of the question.  The photo below is of some smaller waterfalls over basalt ledges in Rarick Canyon.
We really enjoyed being up in snow country.  Susun was delighted to get back out on the road again.
After we turned from our 3.5 hour, sixty mile trip, we stripped out SuziQ and ripped out the factory carpet.  It will be so much easier to clean now.
And, yes, believe it or not, everything was back together in time for a nice campfire and sunset.

Almost forgot--click here for the full photo album of 72 pictures from yesterday.

Cheers, jp

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stasea said...

Mom looks happy in her element!! Love that you guys are always out and about!!