Friday, February 18, 2011

Vaya Con Dios, Don

Susun's Beloved "Pop," Don Meldrum passed on late Wednesday night in Mesa, Arizona.  Somehow it was fitting last night to witness perhaps the most spectacular full moon rise we've ever seen here at 2nd Chance Ranch.  As the giant white orb slowly climbed above the Mogollon Rim and into that deep, dusk-blue sky, so many fond memories of Don flooded my heart and spirit.  The power of that incredible moon rise last night was an apt tribute for the bright light of Don's long life.

As we stood at Don's bedside last Sunday morning, I made him laugh his last time.  The sadness in his eyes turned to a twinkle and he laughed as hard as a dying man could.  It was really my goofy, floppy hat that made him laugh. 

Yesterday and this morning, my hat's off to Don Meldrum.  "Ya dun good," Don!  Sunday morning I also gave thanks to Don for doing such a great job raising three children.  His weary eyes turned to Susun and he said, "She was the easy one." 

Many Happy Trails, Don, Your Spirit will Live Forever with us!

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Siegfried said...

It's very hard to lose a parent. I empathise with you in your sadness. May all your memories of your Dad be good.
My best wishes for you and your brother as your life goes on.
Dave E.