Monday, January 17, 2011

Wholly Smokes--it's 76!

Golly Geeze, it's 76 degrees right now as we type this.  The highs early this week were once progged to be only in the 60's  WHOA!  This is the hottest it's been here since we arrived.  Maybe that "dry & warm" gig is really true, afterall.  Feels downright HOT outside right now.  We won't be seeing 76 in Idaho until maybe June sometime, maybe not until July.  Speaking of Idaho Falls, they're having a Heat Wave, too.  It's almost 40 degrees up there right now.  Compared to the sub-zero stuff they had a week ago, this truly is tropical for them.  Their current 7 day graph is below.

And, by the way, just in case you forgot (as we did) the moon is full tomorrow afternoon (Mountain Time).  It's called the Wolf Moon in January.  Don't worry, we will be sure to howl at it tomorrow.


Marti Spudboater said...

Today it was the same temperature in Atlanta, Idaho as it was in Atlanta, Georgia, about 50 degrees, It was a balmy 55 in Boise and Crane Creek in my neighborhood was looking poised to overtop two culverts going under driveways just a block away.

It was, however, a wonderful day for walking the dog on the Greenbelt. I considered a bike ride, but the clouds kept peeking in an out and it would drop 15 degrees with shade and the slight breeze.

This winter is very much like 1997. We've got flooding all over Boise County on Mores and Grimes Creeks, the Weiser River in Adams County and on the Snake at Glenns Ferry, too.

The Goatherder said...

It was only 71 here in Cornville, send some of that heat my way will you?