Monday, January 17, 2011

The Value of a Blog

What is the value of a blog? Gee, who knows? Well, we can tell you at least ONE value of a blog: It helps you remember WTH you did a year ago. We were sitting down for dinner tonight and became engaged in a conversation about what we did last year. Each of us had an opinion and each of us lobbied for our idea(s). Finally, after Susun's superb turkey meatloaf and red leaf lettuce salad were consumed, I said I would check the blog and settle the discussion. Actually, we were both wrong.

A year ago this coming weekend we were up in Challis for a hoop-dee-doo at the Senior Center. On the way back home, we stopped off at Craters for a memorable snowshoe out into the middle of nowhere. Craters is truly the middle of nowhere. It might not qualify as the Middle of Absolute Nowhere (MOAN) Country but it sure does qualify at least as the generic middle of nowhere, even if it is not the true definition as the ABSOLUTE middle of nowhere. Here we are splitting hairs once again.

Anyway, above you have our slide show from last year. I had forgotten just how majestic it was. It's well worth reprinting here on the 2011 blog. There's 50 photos in the show and they are all real nice. If you can't load the show, click here. If you would like to see how this show was presented in last year's blog post, click here.

One of the primary things we LOVE about Eastern Idaho is this: S-N-O-W!! we love the snow and the cold--the more snow the better. We actually do miss all this snow. It's so delicious and so wonderful. Sure, it's great to be down here in 76 degree weather but there's a part of us that dearly misses the opportunity to be out snowshoeing at Craters on a crisp, clear, cold late January day. It's SOOO Rich!

Cheers, jp

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