Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Short update

Sorry for no blogs posts for almost 2 days.  Been REAL busy.  Left early Monday morning for the Verde NRCD meeting.  Then had to leave in the middle of the meeting to get back home for Roger & Nancy's visit.  That was awesome--much to tell.  Then had to go back to Camp Verde and upon return 'twas campfire time.  This morning arose real early and had to hustle the Zuki to the auto shop by 8 am and then get to West Sedona before 9 am.  Picked up a FULL Nissan load of stuff that's been in storage 5 years there.  MASS quantity of stuff.  Have spent the rest of the day "digesting" the stuff.  Had to build an outdoor storage area for a lot of it.  A big bunch of it had to go up in our tiny attic above our closets.  It's been a grunt day to beat the clock and get it all stowed safely.  Mind you, being stowed properly doesn't mean or imply that it has been "processed."  Nope.  That might take 2 years.  No kidding.  It's mostly all photos and files and such.  We have untold thousands of photos.  It's amazing. 

Now it's 4:30 pm and time to split some kindling and prep for campfire time.  I'm actually procrastinating by making this blog entry.  Why's that?  Well, believe it or not, there's a flock of Canadian geese that have spent all afternoon out in the Old Field not far from our campfire site.  I know I will spook them when I go out to mess with the axe and the wood.  They look so peaceful and serene out there with the late afternoon sun shimmering on their feathered backs.  They are lying around without nary a care in the world.  Meanwhile, I called the NPS to let them know about the geese.  None of us have ever seen geese in this location ever.  While chatting with Rex he passed along that their game camera captured a shot of a mountain lion taking a stroll in the Old Field.  How 'bout that, huh?  The cat's meow?

More either later tonight or tomorrow AM--just been REAL BUSY!

Cheers, jp

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