Sunday, January 9, 2011

Man does not live by bread alone HELPS when he does!

Susun pulled off a splendid production of her first bread rendition in years today.  It was an awesome reprise.  She knocked it out of the park.  The fans went wild!  What you see here is what wuz Sunday dinner--proving that Man CAN live by Bread Alone!

This bread was so retro, so awesome and so RIGHTEOUS!  DF & N Gary just bought a home wheat mill. He stone ground wheat berries into genuine, real whole wheat flour.  Meanwhile, Gary chipped in some unfiltered mesquite honey.  You could still see some of the bee wing parts embedded in the honey.  We're talking The Right Stuff here, folks.  Meanwhile, Susun got Her GAME ON!  She drilled down to what it takes to make bread bake beautifully.  She made it rise and fall three times before she put it in the oven.  The results were off the charts.  YA DUN GOOD, Sweetie!  (And it sure helps you had yer honey, too!)

The smell of the bread here in The Straw House was intoxicating.  When it came out of the oven, we both had a primal food experience.  Yea, verily, we ate a LOT of bread and learned just who doth butter our bread!

Life is good.

Cheers, S&J!

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Mmm. Good!