Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rolling On The River

Things appear to be coming together for our field work on the Verde River Recreational Guide (VRG) from Bridgeport to Beasley Flats.  We received an email this morning from Josh W., Son of Goatherder.  Josh wants to participate in the VRG to help augment his Red Rock High School Senior Exhibition about the impact of non-native plants on river ecosystems.  Meanwhile, we're much more comfortable with the GPS and will be getting the on-rover gear lined up tomorrow.  River flows continue to drop off a cliff and the snowpack (such as it is) hovers a few inches from oblivion.  La Nina's "dry & warm" phase is now here in spades.  We found photos of a portion of our on-river field work from four years ago.  That's DR & LBR Nancy McC in the photo.  She was on spring break and spent a few days with us when we were volunteering over at Dead Horse State Park.  We're hoping "NEMAC" can participate in this project, too.  We're excited to get it rolling on the river, hopefully yet this week.  Stay tunedCheers, jp

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