Sunday, January 23, 2011

On The Road Again

Time to head south to Mesa again today.  Susun and Nancy will be heading back from San Diego.  We turn right around and drive back up here tomorrow.   We're going down today because the traffic's a lot lighter than it will be tomorrow.  Besides, a full round trip to Mesa in a single day is much more stressful and breaking it up over two days.  We might even take the Scenic Route home tomorrow and there's basically NO traffic there compared to the NASCAR tracks they call freeways here.

Maggie left a nice comment on the sunset photos below.  It might be this blog's only one word comment rec'd so far.  Thanks, Maggie!  I'd much rather be up in Flagstaff with Maggie, Steve and Izzy today to watch the Bears-Packers game there but practicality beckons.

We had the campfire to ourselves last night and enjoyed a lot of reflections in the flickering flames.  I will always be a little sentimental on January 22-23 because of DR & LBR Frank Protiva's passing two years ago this morning.  I've definitely made some progress in coming to terms with those events and I'm definitely feeling much better than last year this time.  We just better live every day to the fullest we can because "ya just never know!"

Since we're gonna be down in Mesa today anyway, I'm gonna leave early so I can take in the full game at Roger's Place. He's a fan of either team but he is a pretty good football fan.  And, besides, I'll have that much more time for more lessons from The Golf Guru.  Who knows? I might get a Wild Hare and go to Jimmy's of Chicago down in nearby Gilbert so I can witness just how crazy Bears Fans will be today.  Ah, probably not.  (Thinking out loud again.)

Have a Great Day & Cheers!  jp

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