Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Quinoa Kinda Night

Not that there be less to bear,
Not that there be more to share;
But for braver heart for bearing,
But for freer heart for sharing,
   Here I pray.

Not for scenes of richer beauty,
Not for paths of lighter duty;
But for clearer eyes for seeing,
Gentler hands, more patient being,
   Every day.

Not that joy and peace enfold me,
Not that wealth and pleasure hold me;
But that I may dry a tear,
Speak a word of strength and cheer
   On the way.

Not that I may sit apart,
Housed from hurt or fling and smart;
But that in the press and throng
I may keep a courage strong
   Here I pray.

Not that I at set of sun
Measure deeds of greatness done;
But that when my feet shall pass
To my low tent in the grass,
   One may say:

"Speed thee well, O friend, who gave
Freely all thy love did crave;
Love and truth and tenderness,
Faith and trust and kindliness,
   In thy day."

Sharlot Hall, "A Litany For Every Day" from Cactus & Pine 1911.

Sharlot said in her introduction to this poem: "This poem is my favorite of
all I have written.  It was printed first in a Dublin, Ireland, periodical and
copied into English papers before being printed in the United States."

It is Susun's favorite of all Sharlot's poems and perfect for A Quinoa Kinda Night!

Cheers, jp

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