Thursday, January 6, 2011

Congratulations to Kelli & Mike!

Kelli and Mike are engaged to be married in June 2011.  This Holiday Season the Happy Couple traveled back to Chicago to visit friends and celebrate their engagement.  A professional photographer took and posted 53 pictures of them in an online album.  (The above screenshot capture is Copyright 2011 by Ruthie Hauge Photography.)  If any LBR's wish to see the whole album, email us and we will send along the link.  Kelli and Mike's wedding will be a real gala.  It's going to be at The Shooting Star Inn out in Kendrick Park between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon's South Rim.  Susun and I are SOOO Happy for Kelli & Mike!  (Thanks, Mom Maggie for sending the link to the photos.)

Cheers, j&s

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