Saturday, January 1, 2011

Playing with their food again

Oh, no, there they goes again!  Little Johnny, Maggie and Susun are playing with their food.  How can we get them to stop, Maude?  Electro-shock therapy perhaps?

Wot a fun way to begin the New Year--Johnny's got his a sriracha hot sauce smiley face on fresh avocado guacamole atop low carb flax seed toast while Maggie made a candy face this morning. Susun's is titled "Arizona Sunset." And this just in--it's an OMG Smiley Face fresh from the skillet of The Goatherder.  WOW!

Last New Year's Day, The Spudboater winged in an entry called The Whampus Burger.  Here's how she described it: "Here's my entry. This is what's known as a "Whampus Burger" is some parts of Idaho around Hagerman. My Whampus is minus the bun because when I make burgers at home we use no bun. Kind of Atkins diet like. The Whampus has a burger, cheese, and two slices of ham, so those are adorning eyebrows etc.Fry sauce is the nose and of course, a burger would not be complete without some fries. The avocado is extra to help out with the flavor'  (NOTE: I color corrected the original which was heavily yellowish.)

This was (is) a very successful way to kick off the New Year 2011.  There's a slim chance we might get an entry from Houn' Dawg and maybe even Wayne.  Since today is Sunday, we've arbitrarily extended the deadline for entries until midnight tonight.  Voting will begin tomorrow.  The winner will get an all expenses billed trip to CAT MOAN Country.

Whenever these things happen, we like to intone a favored cliche: "Small pleasures for small minds."


Maggie said...

Well, i wasn't eating candy corn for breakfast. This photo is old and the candy corn wasn't mine. I swear!

The Goatherder said...

I like Kandy Korn, nothin' wrong with Kandy Korn...mmmmmmm!

The Goatherder said...

It doesn't take much to amuse us, does it?

Marti Spudboater said...

We are easily amused. Sorry my photo was so crappy. The battery on my camera was going dead and I had to rely on no flash for the shot, hence the yellowing. But you get the idea. It really was great eating with a couple glasses of Cupcake Chardonnay, too. And a side of CSI Miami to boot.

Maggie said...

I cast my vote for Susun's sunrise. Reminds me of an art quilt I would make. All these faces make me think of the suns on CBS' Sunday Morning show.

stasea said...

I'm torn between the sunrise and the fried
Eggs as eyes on toast!!!