Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Big Chill

OK, Weather Fans, this is a truly memorable way to begin a New Year.  This morning's graphic from the Flagstaff NWS sums it up.


Here at The Straw House, it reached a low of +7.  Our coldest ever was also in single digits.  We think we recall it was six degrees once here.  Officially this morning, it reached a low of +10 at Lake Montezuma.  Get this: our temp at The Straw House this morning equaled the morning low today in Idaho Falls!  Amazing, but true.

We can truly say this year's got nowhere to go but UP after this morning.

Many Chilly Cheers, jp

PS--Let the record show that the former California & Maricopa Zuki did NOT freeze.  Luckily, we remembered to drain out a lot of water that WOULD have frozen and refill with real antifreeze.

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