Friday, January 21, 2011

Living La Via Del Vino

I suppose this blog title isn't linguistically correct--it's a cross between "Splanglish" and New Jersey-Ricky Martin-Puerto Rican "Italianish."  All it means is that we're going to be spending practically the entire day on the Verde NRCD "Wine Tour."  Supposedly, we're going to four wineries here in Da Verde.  Lunch will be at Cornville's Grasshopper Grill.  Dino DeSimone from Phoenix will be on the tour so he will be a lot of fun.  My former work associate Mark J. will be there, too.  It oughta be interesting to see how that works out because we didn't get along at all "back in the day."  Of course, Jodi A. is leading the charge and she's a dynamo for sure.  I'm guessing there will be at least 10 of us traipsing around from vineyard-to-vineyard.  I wanted to include The Goatherder and Kate B. but Jodi nixed that idea (Sorry, GH & KB).  This is a "strictly business" trip and no one will dare touch even a drop of the grape juice.  I'm going on the trip as a Board Advisor primarily to stay in the background so I can listen to what the Feds have to say to the vineyard owners.  Also, we want to see how the Board handles itself in a "high exposure" outing.

Wednesday was all about getting Miss Susun down to Mesa.  We also had to pay the welder and pick up a GPS @ NPS HQ.  We arrived in Mesa pretty early and accomplished a lot of errand-running before we finally settled into Roger & Nancy's Place about 5:30 pm. We enjoyed a great visit with Lisa, Drew & Family. The highlight of the evening was receiving lessons from The Golf Guru.  Yep, Roger's a legit Gold Guru--he's taught golfing for years at Mesa Community College and he really knows his stuff.  His lessons were awesome and we look forward to more. Years of teaching college kids has really helped him hone his presentation.

Yesterday Susun and I visited her Pop, Don, in his care facility.  He was sleeping so we didn't really get to visit.  Don is always in our Prayers but even more so now at this phase of his long life.  I left R&N's Place about 10:30 am and ran numerous errands on the way back north.  Perhaps the most interesting (AKA: perplexing) errand was at Fry's Electronics on the near Westside.  I got caught in a Black Hole Vortex there and couldn't escape.  No kidding.  Something went wrong with their electronic debiting system AFTER they had my debit card in their hands.  Opps.  It took over 30 minutes to escape the Vortex and, frankly, their handling of the sad situation has caused all sorts of trouble with that particular debit card.  Technology's great when it works but....

Got home around 3 pm and immediately swapped out the PCV valve in SuziO.  Then I enjoyed a real breakthrough with the side storage area of the pop-top camper.  It will take too long to explain that here so I will post up something tomorrow when I have more time.  Got the evening campfire up and running (as per regulations) by 5 pm and enjoyed a simple sunset.  Gary came over as the embers were fading and brought 2.5 pounds of unfiltered honey from Black Canyon City.   Susun called from Sarah's while Gary & I were visiting.  She and Nancy had a great trip and they "discovered" a new route to Sarah's that had Susun all jazzed.

I fried up a couple of bone-in center cut porkchops for dinner and then "entertained" myself attempting to get the GPS to talk to the PC.  HA!  After an hour of pure, unadulterated frustration I gave up and went to bed.

I must be a glutton for punishment as I got up real early this morning and spent yet another frustrating hour messing with the GPS.  Heck, I was even out in the 6:30 am darkness acquiring more data to attempt to transfer to the PC.  HA!  It didn't work last night and it didn't work this morning.  Ah, well, technology's great when it works but....

It's time to run along now--the gang's meeting at the Camp Weirdy McDonald's at 8:30 am this morning.  That gives me barely 30 minutes to get ready to do.  C-YA!

Cheers, jp

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The Goatherder said...

Going on a wine tour and not tasting any wine is just wrong.

Marti Spudboater said...

I'm with the Goatherder on that comment. What's wrong with that SCD Board anyways? Shoot, I had an SCD where when you went to the Board meeting as a District Conservationist you were required to bring beer or wine. My how things have changed.

Maybe you'll invite Goatherder and whomever else and we'll do our own tour when I come visit.