Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Groovy Tuesday

Yesterday was another Good Day.  We enjoyed a nice leisure morning and then went off to Cottonwood for Laundry Day.  Luckily, Susun loves doing coin-op loads of laundry.  How lucky can a guy get anyway?  She's found this hole-in-the-wall laundromat in a strip center and really enjoys its ambiance, powerful front loading machines and hot, fast dryers.  She can knock out a mountain of dirty clothes faster than you can imagine.While she's having fun with spin cycles, I get full free range of the hodge podge they call Cottonwood.  Yesterday I had lofty goals: 1) Make a spare Zuki key; 2) Buy a weird trailer wiring adapter; 3) Pick up a used 9 iron for a buck; 4) Buy cheese; and 5) Fill 8 gallons of drinking water jugs.  Real profound stuff as you can easily see. Just for grins I threw in a buck fifty asada soft taco at Juanita's.

After we returned home before  not long after 1 pm, Susun fondled fifty fotos for the remainder of the afternoon.  I used the weird wiring thing to get the Big Trucks lights to talk to the little truck's lights.  They all blink and flash together now.

Meanwhile, it was then off to ZOR (Zukis Off Road.)  Myron (bearded guy in top foto) loaned us a radiator.   He didn't even bother getting my name or doing any paperwork--he just said, "Here."  and that was that.  Next door to ZOR was a great welding shop.  Harold (below Myron) dropped whatever he was doing and welded on our Roadmaster baseplate.  I didn't have any money to pay Harold and he didn't care.  He said, "Pay me tomorrow" and didn't bother getting my name either.  There definitely are some decent human beings left on this planet and it was fun to run into two of them yesterday afternoon. (The full story will be on the Zuki blog "by and by.")

I arrived back at Straw Central a little after the normal campfire time but got one up and flickering just before sunset.  We had a fine time howling at the Wolf Moon and baked some taters in the cast iron dutch oven for this morning's breakfast.

While I was dinking around over in Middle Verde, Susun rush off to the post office and returned with the little Kodak video camera and Tom Brownold's book on Grand Canyon mules.  It's a great book and we sure are proud to own it.

Today's another busy day ahead.  We're driving down to Mesa.  Susun will be leaving with Nancy to drive over to San Diego tomorrow morning fairly early.  That's why we're going down today. I have all sorts of stuff to do down there and might even stay there for the duration of Susun's absence.

Hey, here's a real fun gig-in-the-making.  We gave Heather a call a few days ago and she's going to be very close to Sarah's house Friday.  So, Nancy, Susun, Sarah, Gage and Van are all gonna go to Heather's Place so the little boys can sit on a real horse for the first time.  Meanwhile, Nancy is a Major Horse Person and already knows about Heather so she's excited to have an audience with Dr. Mack.  And, of course, Heather and Susun get along famously, as they say, so it should be a classic hootenanny kind of horsey day.

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The Goatherder said...

I'd be interested to know what she recommends as aromatherapy for goats. No, really!