Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Chair

A California Boy is a Special Person.  We all know them well.  

So, here's the story.  This summer sometime we forgot we found a small Life Guard folding chair at some yard sale in Idaho Falls.  It reeked of COOL.  I told Susun, "We have to buy this for Da Boyz."  She agreed.  But then she got cold feet and said the chair might be too dangerous for babies.  Maybe they would get they fingers caught in it or something terrible like that.  Frankly, I thought that was a bogus rap on the chair but I zipped my lip.  Meanwhile, time passed.  I studiously tucked the kiddie Life Guard Chair into our totally overloaded southbound rig.  When we got here I grabbed the chair and tucked it out of sight and out of mind in a safe place.

Meanwhile, Susun got a chance to drive overta Vista with Nancy in a BIG truck!  So, guess what?  Susun said, "Where's that chair? I wanna take it to Sarah & Peter's Place."  Of course, I had rat-holed the chair in a place I knew well.  It came out instantly and made the trek west.

What you see in the photo above is most likely the precursor of Great California Boy Things To Come!  Thanks, Sarah Mom, for letting Gage enjoy The Chair.  Somehow, we're certain he will be sitting in The Real Lifeguard Chair about 15 years from now.

Cheers, jp


stasea said...

What a great story!!!

Unknown said...

Gage looks like such a big boy in this pic! Wanted
To let you know the chair has made it's way into the house and is now used for tv viewing! In glad the chair made it's way all the way from Idaho! Thanks for thinkin of the boys! Xoxo