Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bye, Bye, Beddie

 This old cast iron bed has been in my life since 1975, plus or minus a year.  Back then I was living in Zionsville, Indiana, and owned, published and edited the paid circulation weekly newspaper there.  In today's lingo, we call that a "past life."  Well, anyway, my parents found this iron bed up in Lafayette.  It had been in the same family since sometime in the 1880's or 1890's--nobody could remember.  My folks bought the bed and lugged the heavy thing down to Zionsville.  Then in the mid-80's, they actually brought it out to Flagstaff!  I lugged it all over Flagstaff and then took it out to Brown Springs Ranch and then into a variety of storage units.  In 1993 we even set it up in a screen tent here on the property.  Eventually, it wound up in a couple of other outdoor settings before we finally built a house around the bed and then slept it in from 1993-2006.  It went into storage again over in Sedona in May 2006, never moving an inch for years.  We finally excavated it yesterday and strapped atop the Nissan for yet another trip to The Straw House where it now roosts calmly in my shed.

Sadly, we think it's time to sell it.  We both are loathe to do so but it just doesn't fit in any of our life spaces now.  It's tough to part with something that's been a part of  my life and our lives for so long.  However, we can't simply keep stuff forever, no matter how endearing or special it might be.  So, it's time to wave "Bye, Bye" to this Dear Beddie.  We hope it finds a great new home and begins a new life story with another family soon.

Cheers, jp


Marti Spudboater said...

Too bad that bed is not in I Falls where I could get it from you. It would be worthy of turning into true garden art bed here at the Homestead.

I know about the stuff. I've got an entire garage size storage unit full of my mom's stuff back in Illinois. Not sure what we'll do with it. Most of it will get sold or go to the dump. Some will simply come to me.

I've decided to photograph all the things I've loved in the past so I can remember them, prior to selling or giving away. You just can't use or keep it all.

Muddle on. By the way, it's raining here again, and rained up at Bogus Basin yesterday with wet sloppy snow on top. They don't say that on the web site, however.

stasea said...

No no no... Make something cool of it.
Yes, like garden art or just hang it. Look at the
Shadows it makes. Martha Stewart and HGTV
shows would say don't sell...

Maggie said...

Keep it, keep it.