Thursday, December 9, 2010

Travel Thursday

It's time once again to head down to Sky Harbor.  That quaint name belies the fact that the Phoenix airport is city-within-a-city that's made up of a humongous mish mash of terminals, expressways and people running around like disturbed red ants.  Not to mention airplanes and TSA types.

Susun's flying Southwest to San Diego.  As noted in a blog post long ago, we scored an $81 round trip, including all the mind-numbing fees.  It would be tough to get there one-way for that cost in our Nissan.  So many people in Arizona go to San Diego that flights leave about every hours.  It's about an hour long trip. Hopefully, it will be a normal two hour drive from here to there.

Yesterday was a go-go day that kept us real busy.  We managed to sand and oil all the window sills and exposed wood on the house.  We also primed all the door project parts and painted all four eaves.  Painting the eaves is my least favorite task as it requires being greatly over extended on a tall ladder.  Sure glad that end safely.

Last night's sunset was highly unusual.  It was a full and total three sixty sunset.  No matter where you looked, something amazing was firing off in evening sky.  The colors were every which way and kept up their show for perhaps 15-20 minutes.  We were both spinning round and round with our cameras trying to get as many shots as possible.  There's simply no way to capture the enormity of such a sunset--it's all encompassing and completely captivating. The photos shown are a poor samples of what we actually saw last night. I took the top one and Susun took the bottom one.

We continue having lots of fun with Twitter.  We well over 700 Tweets on our "feed."  We find out all sorts of interesting stuff.  Granted, a lot of such interesting stuff is indeed trivia but it is very interesting nonetheless.  We're reasonably certain that all of our LBRs would enjoy checking what we put on Twitter.  You can click here to go there.

Congratulations to Lizard/Chuckwalla/Gary W. for his elk hunt success!  He bagged his cow elk up south of Long Canyon about 1 pm yesterday.

Have a great day & CHEERS!  jp

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