Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Solstice Celebration

On the Solstice of 2005, Marsha and Hugh were married while Out Standing in Their Field near The Straw House. They are the only couple we know whose wedding site is known only by its longitude-latitude coordinates.  Yesterday, we reconvened for a dual deal: a Happy 5th Anniversary and a Solstice Celebration all shaked and baked into one fine time.  Ten folks attended.  Of course, the Guests of Honor, Marsha & Hugh, brought their usual levity and spirit to the occasion. The revelers also included, Phyllis, Peggy, Susun, Kristen, Rex, Bob, Hank and John.  We enjoyed a nice campfire.  It tried to spit some faint rain but failed.  We dined on ham, some scalloped potatoes and various finger food.  Hank & Peggy brought a sinfully rich Harry & David candied cheesecake for dessert to accompany a pumpkin pie and apple crisp.  Some of us played mildly extreme croquet and threw some darts, too.  Peggy livened up the assemblage with her mini-Kodak video camera.  It's not much bigger than a credit card.  It's fun and easy to use and we captured some golden moments with it.  The video performance above was but one of many highlights of the brunch. (Thanks, Peggy, for letting us your video toy.)  As we said to each Dear Friend as they departed, "We always make some special memories when all go out of our way to get together."  Thanks for the Memories & Many Happy Trails. Cheers, j&s.

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I hope I can get this to post!

Loved the blog and the celebration of our anniversary! Can't wait for next year!