Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice

May your Winter Solstice be The Best ever! May the official beginning of Winter bring much Cheer! May the shortest day be filled with Holiday Joy!

Above is today's Solstice Sunrise here at Straw House Central.  We "captured" this photo at 7:10 am about 40 minutes before the sun actually peeks above The Mogollon Rim over yonder.  Sunrises like this are one of many reasons why we love this place in Winter. (Click on the small photo for a bigger version.)

We've been very busy since we last posted here Saturday morning.  We're going to continue to be very busy today, too.  Consequently, this post is very short.  We won't be able to spew forth bushel baskets of words until perhaps tomorrow when things calm back down to normal.

DFs & LBRs Deano & Lora arrived mid-day Saturday and spent two nights with us.  We had a great time.
Jodi A. came to visit for Saturday night's campfire.  Gary W. has visited each of the past two evenings, too.  We squeezed in a quick trip to Cottonwood late yesterday to resupply fresh drinking water, etc.  Today we're hosting a 5th Anniversary brunch for Marsha & Hugh.  Numerous of our Dear Friends from Cottonwood will also be in attendance.

Yes, we have a big blog backlog right now and we hope to get caught up before Christmas Day.  Thank You for the great comments left on the post about the slides.  The university began digitizing them Friday but it will be many weeks before they are all scanned and posted online.  We will, of course, publish them here when they are available.

In case you haven't been watching the Great California Deluge, it's been an epic and will continue to be even more epic in the next couple of days.  Rainfall totals in some areas are nearly 13 inches and Mammoth Mountain has anywhere from NINE to FIFTEEN feet of new snow since Friday.  A third party ski website says Mammoth Mtn. now has the most snow of any ski area in the world at this time.  The peak wind gust recorded so far during the storm was 152 mph (not a typo) at Alpine Meadows summit in Northern California.  You can click here to see the SOCAL rainfall total logged since the storm began on Friday.
Downtown Los Angeles has received five inches of rain and looks poised to break the all-time December rainfall total of 8.77 inches when the next round of precip begins later today.  Even the NWS itself stated that the water vapor hose for this storm is 2,800 miles long.  It's an amazing storm.

Well, we promise to get all caught up with photos and narratives soon.  Thanks for your patience.  As we said above, have a great day and Many Cheers!  jp

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