Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photos from Susun's visit to see Sarah, Peter & The Boys

The Holiday Spirit was Alive & Well during Susun's visit to see Sarah, Peter and The Boys December 9-14.  We've been very remiss in our tardiness about getting her photos posted online for Stasea to see.  This morning we finally put up over 40 of her photos on her own blog.  (Yes, Virginia, Susun actually has a blog.)
You can click here to see the blog post where the photos are embedded.  After watching Peggy's hotrod little Kodak video camera in action yesterday (see Blog Post "Solstice Celebration" below) we're going to get one for Susun to take on her next trip to Vista, California.  THANKS, Sarah, Peter and The Boys for showing Grand Ma such a Good Time.  Happy Holidays and Much Cheer!  jp

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stasea said...

the pictures are awesome..thanks for the smiles!! I'd write more but it's been a looooonnnngggg fuuuuunnn