Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday wrapup

It's been awhile since we've had time to write about "this & that."  We're all caught up on posting photos so now we can write about whatever we want.  Yippee, skippee!

Topic #1 is (naturally) The Storm.  This particular storm doesn't yet have a historical moniker.  It's just "The Storm."  We will be chattering about it for quite some time yet.

In honor of The Storm, we're working on a collection of images.  It's not ready for prime time but will be posted soon.  I'm sure we will have a lot more images collected in the next couple of days.  (Obviously, one of my faves is at right.)

Today we are facing what we like to call The Crescendo of The Storm.  It will be one last giant HURRAH from El Pacifico.  Even Ol' Airy Zonie looks in line to get a decent dose o' snow and rain from today's Grand Finale. 

Methinks this is just the mere beginning of much more mayhem to wash ashore in the next 6-8 weeks ahead.

At left is a thumbnail of people I don't know and will never know.  They are all strangers in a land far, far away.  Well then, what the heck are they doing here, John?  Good question.  The group is posed in Mayalsia.  They are all workers on a Habitat for Humanity(HFH) project there.  Ah, now you know the connection--HFH!  Susun, as you recall, is a most dedicated volunteer for HFH in Idaho Falls.  For my part, I like to pay attention to various HFH projects here and there.  I stumbled on this one via a long and winding online road courtesy of Twitter.  It all started by reading a random entry on a blog by Madelyn A. that appeared on a Twitter aggregate for Millennials.  If you don't know about Millenials, click here.  Anyway, while serving as RSVP Director, I gained a huge amount of admiration and respect for Gen Y and The Millennials. They are the future of our country and they will be national level leaders even yet in my lifetime.  Anyway, some of you who are of the curious sort will enjoy reading Madelyn's blog about her HFH experience in Malaysia.  It's very refreshing and inspiring to read this kind of material--it gives me hope of a greater good and a kinder future for all.  During this "Peace & Joy Season," I enjoy reading about the bright hope embodied in this group's activities.  Maybe you will, too.  You can click here to read Madelyn's latest blog post--it's a classic.

And, finally,  as a result of a really, really long story that would bore you into a coma, I found this photo on the Library of Congress website.  The people at NARA told me about it.  It's Theodore Roosevelt arriving to dedicate Roosevelt Dam in 1911.  What does it have to do with this blog?  Nothing.  I just like the picture, that's all!
Cheers, jp

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