Monday, December 27, 2010

Off to Litchfield Park we go

As it our custom, we were roaming Craigs List yesterday morning. We actually watch various Craigs lists all over the Western US. Primarily, we watch all of Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas, St. George, SW Colorado, California's Inland Empire and Salt Lake City.

Yesterday we found one of our target species--a popup camper. It's in Litchfield Park which is a faceless chunk of urban red-tile-roof sprawl somewhere west of Phoenix. You can see two photos of it above.  The seller has taken down the original listing.  If you click here, you can eventually see a PDF print I made of the listing.  Click the "download" button and then open it with your Adobe Reader. 

We've negotiated the seller down to $1000. That's a decent deal for a mid-80's pop-up. This one is nearly identical to the second of three such pop-up campers we owned between early 1999 and late 2006. We think we liked this version the best of all three.

We're heading down this morning to look at it. If it's as good as the seller sez, we're buyin' it and bringin' it back here.

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