Monday, December 27, 2010

Burst of energy

Every day lately has been fun each in its own way. Yesterday was no exception. First, in the morning we found a surprise on Craigs List. (See below.) Next, we went to Jodi and Dex's Place for an amazing Sunday Brunch. (See Post Above.) Then we returned home at 1:15. Susun was tired out and took an hour long nap. Meanwhile, I had a burst of energy and built a rack to store our camper shell.

Going into this project at 1:30 pm I had no real idea of how to proceed. All I knew was that I didn't have time to go RT to Home Depot in Cottonwood so I'd have to scrounge materials and design something safe to hold the camper in a position that wouldn't require any heavy lifting from either of us. (We don't do heavy lifting any more.)

As if by either luck or magic or both, it all came together quickly. The total project cost was $2.50. That's what I had paid for five pieces of fifty cent cull lumber. The other pieces were hiding under the ramada or were part of a derelict picnic table lying on a nearby vacant lot that had been burned over by a wild fire in June this year.

Viola, by 4:45 the entire project was finished, the camper safely off loaded and all the flotsam and jetsam and tools stowed away out of sight. Susun and I both agree it was the safest and easiest "camper offloading" we had ever experienced. There was not even a nano-moment when we thought we might have been crushed by a falling camper. Cool.

Cheers, jp

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Kirsty said...

Well done! I admire your productivity and ingenuity!