Saturday, December 11, 2010

Near Record Temps Ahead

The Tale of The Two Cities is told above.  Some forecasts have us hitting 75 tomorrow.  If so, that would be a new record for our area.  The South Deserts will definitely be in the 80's tomorrow.  La Nina is working her magic once again.  It continues to look like a warm, dry winter here.  Down in Phoenix Thursday it felt danged HOT when we returned to the locked truck.  Everybody there is still in skimpy shorts and flimsy t-shirts.

Yesterday I had a raging case of the equivalent of jet lag from the Big Day Thursday.  It took forever to get my act together.  About the only productive thing I could conjure up was grocery shopping in Camp Verde and Cottonwood.  After getting everything put away, we barely had time to get a fire up and running before sundown.  Dear Friend Gary W. appeared out of the looming darkness and we spent some real quality time discussing his successful elk hunt and various other guy stuff.  We are so fortunate to have Robin and Gary for Friends and neighbors.

DF & LBR The Spudboater fired off some high quality emails in our direction last night.  Seems Spudboater is picking up her pace on her long-dormant blog.  She's actually ripped off four blog posts in recent days.  That's a veritable tornado of blogging for the Spudboater.  You can click here to read Spudboater's blog.
It's been nearly two weeks since Goatherder freshened his blog.  We hope he gets his blog groove back soon.  Maggie J. has been a great communicator lately.  She sent some poignant fotos of their bog, Izzy, yesterday.  Thanks, Maggie.  Drew & Lisa's blog has been down due to technical issues but it's up and running again.  We're looking forward to more up close and personal shots of Baby Ella Jane.  We rec'd a couple of fun emails from Deano yesterday.  Susun called bright and early yesterday morning.  As we all might expect, she is having a great time with Mom Sarah and the Grandsons.  No campfire tonight and Happy Hour has been relocated to Jodi and Dex's Place at river right on the Pleistocene edge of the Old Verde River.

Our new pre-hung door showed up at the Rimrock Merc. and we'll take delivery on it when Susun returns.  Meanwhile, things are moving along as far as fabricating the security shutters for it.  The door project will take up most of our time today.  Not much else is happening.

Have a Great Day & Many Cheers, jp

PS:  It's likely our LBRs roll their eyes every time we use the word "Twitter."  Sorry, we can't help ourselves.
As those who visit our Twitter feed know, we look for almost anything relating to Route 66.  Last night, we found some real fun Rt. 66 fotos.  While we were viewing those great shots, we stumbled onto another project by the same photographer called "Oh, Patches."  It's hilarious frivolity.  It's a series of fotos that show some young guy wearing a costume horsehead while posing in various spoof contexts.  It's pretty clear the young guy is real physically fit as one of the pix shows him summitting a Colorado Fourteener.  You can click here to see our hands down favorite foto of the "Oh, Patches" series.  For some reason, this picture totally cracks us up.  Enjoy!

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