Thursday, December 30, 2010

A look around our blogosphere

The Spudboater had a recent burst of blogging.  She made 5-6 new posts here in the past few days.  Susun and I are featured in some of them.  Check this great sentence she wrote: "Amongst this crowd of miscreants with qualities ranging from dubious, doubtful, double trouble, dumb and dumber, DINKS, donuts, doozies, dangerous, and downright silly is Johnny Montezuma..."  Click here to go to her blog.

The Goatherder messed with his Muse shortly after Christmas.  As usual, you will find whatever he has to say and share a real hoot to read.  Thanks, GH!  Click here to go to his blog.

As you know, we took a LOT of photos at The Goatherder's on Christmas Day.  GH even gives us credit for kind words for them in his blog post above.  Meanwhile, back in Ohio, our Virtual Dear Friend & LBR, Kirsty put together a a LOT of photos of a wonderful Christmas morning and dinner on her blog.  Kirsty's blog, as you know, is a never-ending source of inspiration of us.  Thank You, Kirsty, for going the extra mile in making your Christmas blog post so fun!  Click here to see it.

OK, meanwhile, we found a new blog to watch.  I think we found it when we were looking for the Thomas Nast drawing of Santa Claus.  The blog author is way into foodie stuff and that suits us just fine.  If you like some innovative new recipes once in awhile, we suspect you will find her blog a lot of fun.  Click here to go there.

One blog we follow is overdue for a fresh post.  It's DF& LBRs Earthly Musing blog.  His last post was December 17.  In Internet Time, that's 34 dog years ago.  The 12/17 post on hiking into the bottom of Meteor Crater is a fun read.  Click here to check it out.

We added a post to one of our long-dormant blogs.  We've lost count of the number of blogs we have.  We're guessing maybe it's getting close to 50 but we long ago stopped counting.   Obviously, we put most all of our time in here at Live Simple Care Much Headquarters. Once in awhile, something comes along that just wont really fit in here at all.  So, we scratch our head and wonder, "Where can this item go?"  Then we roam around our pile of dormant blogs and find a blog where the item might be appropriate.  With that said, we reactivated a blog this morning so we could add a post about a new video on the 1959 Hebgen Earthquake.  You can click here to find it.

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The Goatherder said...

Almost 1 p.m. w-a-a-a-y over here in Cornville and we have nary a flake. You guys in Dimrock have all the fun...