Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Morning!

It's been a great morning so far.  How 'bout with you?  We awoke to some snow on the ground and some snow in the air.  it's nothing like it could have been--only a little snow--not a thumper as we feared.  It's like some Snow Fairy dusted the dirt in your so-called yard with some Holiday powdered sugar.

Flagstaff meanwhile is truly thumped.  As far as we can tell this morning it's completely isolated--all roads and the airport are shut down.  There's a Big Story there.  You can Google it up.

Meanwhile there was a 4.2 earthquake in Central Indiana.  Surely, that must mean pigs will fly soon.  I called my Mom and she didn't feel it but lots of other people nearby did. What's next today, huh?

We started today off with a genuine Trifecta--the very first three articles we read were all "keepers" and brought a LOL chuckle from both of us. (For Article #1--Click Here; For Article #2--Click Here; and for Article #3---Click Here )

We had a great time yesterday at Kristen & Bob's New Year's party.  They wisely scheduled their party well before the actual New Year and wisely decide to begin it at 3 pm.  Now that's intelligence in action!  We arrived at 3 and left at 4:15 pm, narrowly escaping a giant traffic jam on I-17.  That's another long story, too. That's Kristen & Bob at left in case you haven't already deduced as much.

Anyway, we're well prepared here--stocked up and hunkered down.  No need to go anywhere for days if we don't want to.

Cheers, jp

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