Sunday, December 26, 2010

Live Simple, Care Much

'Twas six years ago yesterday when those four words "Live Simple, Care Much" formally came into our lives. Yep, Christmas Day 2004 those words quite literally popped onto our mental radar. It was Christmas Morning and we were getting ready to head to (where else?) The Three Wheelers for their awesome Traditional Family Christmas Dinner. I decided to see if the internet Domain Name was available for those four words. Much to our mutual surprise, it was. We bought it on the spot that morning. It was our Christmas gift to ourselves. For many years, "" was the address of an actual website. We paid $60 a year to host the website at some place up in Springville, Utah. We put quite a lot of time and creative effort into that website.

Websites are a lot of hassle to maintain and our interest waned. By 2008, we'd been messing with websites for 13 years (Since Spring of 1995) and they more or less lost their luster for me, the Maintenance Man. (Web Master is SUCH a goofy name. I've always refused to use that title.) So, late in '08, we stopped paying our sixty bucks and shifted the domain name to "free parking" at Go Daddy.

Time passed.

After the "Y2Ten" blog took off this year, I learned that it is possible to link a custom domain name to a blog. Hum...I did some checking and--sure enough--our "" domain name could be linked. The key word is "could."

Beginning about June, I started trying to jump the technical hoops to do the linkage. No luck. I tried about 3 times and failed each time.

Yesterday, the light bulb went off. Maybe I could accomplish this technical voodoo on Christmas Day! Afterall, those geeks at Go Daddy work 24/7/365 and they answer the phone even on Christmas Day. Amazing but true. I correctly guessed that no one would be using Go Daddy Tech Support on Christmas Morning. Sure enough, my "wait time" was zero. I was patched right through to a real American human down in Scottsdale--somebody whose voice I could understand.

According to my cell phone's call timer, we spent 29 minutes working on the technical issues involved. It was neither simple nor easy. It was downright difficult. Luckily, the huddled brains of Go Daddy's on duty techie geeks helped get us over the hump. Right about 12:15 pm yesterday we "got 'er dun."

The official name of this blog changed six years to the day after we created the Domain Name. This blog is now "The Live Simple Care Much" blog. Yes, you can still type in the old address. The Y2Ten address will work indefinitely. However, it simply goes (or redirects, as they say) to "" From now into the forever future, the easiest way to find the blog is to pass along the address by simply saying, "Yep, just go to live simple care much dot com."

Piece o' cake.

It was six years in the making but our sentimental favorite Domain Name has finally found a permanent home. When we picked the name Y2Ten on 01/01/10 we thought it was a fun play on words for a few blog posts we anticipated writing during the Year 2010. Little did we know we would put up 625 posts so far this year. That would have been truly incomprehensible for us to imagine back on New Year's Day. Within less than a week, as we approach 01/01/11, the name Y2Ten would be obsolete--SOOO yesterday! Luckily, we now have an enduring, appealing name that will stand the test of time in the years ahead.

Many Cheers! 25

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stasea said...

Great story!!! And perfect timing!!