Friday, December 3, 2010

In praise of emerging technology Part I

This pretty photo of Glacier National Park's Lake McDonald prompts me to sing the praises of emerging technology once again.  As you know, we are smitten with Twitter and thoroughly enjoy maintaining our so-called Twitter feed at  Even though we have been messing around with making websites since 1994 and were one of the Verde Valley's very first email users, we are continually amazed at the ever-growing benefits of ever-emerging technology.  Twitter, for example, has really re-energized our affection for Ye Ol' Internet.  It's exciting each day to see what shows up on our Twitter feed.  We learn new and different stuff each and every day.  The wonderment of Twitter often helps us remember that early feeling of dazzle and delight when we "discovered" the internet back in the mid-90's.
That's what is so special about the photo above.  Sure, there are lots of photos online of Lake McDonald.  It is a much-photographed icon of Glacier National Park.  But this photo is special to us.   Why?  Well, for one thing, it's a fresh photo--taken just yesterday from the deck of a sea kayak by the Park's Volunteer Coordinator.  Then, by some magic, the photo gets rendered and Tweeted out into the Big Yonder and somehow winds up on Johnny's little laptop here in the straw house at Montezuma Well.  It's almost like a cosmic sort of Special Delivery with the Foto Fairy showing up at the front door.

Lots of people scoff at Twitter and its social media cousins. Not me.  Not now.  Not ever.  I embrace emerging technology and savor its benefits.  Emerging technology enriches our lives and brings great joy and happiness.  A Special Thanks goes to the Glacier Nat'l Park Staff for going the extra mile in their usage of social media.  We appreciate you--keep up your great work.

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