Monday, December 27, 2010

Done Deal - Suzi Q & The Skamp Come Home

This was a Dear Diary Day in every way.  Sweet? Gosh!  How can we tell today's story?

Above, Don congratulates Johnny Montezuma on taking possession of The Skamper in Litchfield Park.  Below, Elmer congratulates Susun on taking possession of SuziQ in Maricopa, Arizona.

We got on I-17 at 9:17 am today and arrived home safe at 6:47.  That's 9.5 hours.  How it all happened is a real story.  We don't have time to tell it tonight.  Tomorrow morning?  Maybe.  Probably.  We'll see.

This was when the pedal hit the metal.  It was deep down in Maricopa, Arizona, well after 4 pm.  It was pushing maybe 4:15 pm.  Bear in mind it's 17 miles from Maricopa BEFORE you can get back on NASCAR I-10.  Somehow, we got from Maricopa to home in 2.5 hours DURING RUSH HOUR through the entire length of Maricopa County!!!!!  Maricopa, Arizona, is actually in Pinal County, well south of the actual Maricopa County line.  Yes, it's a misnomer to have a city named Maricopa in another County.  Hey, it's Arizona.

Somehow, we found what we are fond of calling a "seam."  We hit this incredible seam and we surfed through the Heart of Phoenix without one single hint of a delay.  We both drove at Top Zuki Speed (65 +/-) all the way home.  Susun drove the Big Green Truck with the new Skamper attached.  She was white knuckled a few times but she did an awesome job.  Even before she took the wheel of the big truck, she was at the Top of Her Game.  She simply dazzled me and anyone nearby with her brilliance today.  She was an awesome show to behold.

Me?  Well, lemme tell ya, I had my doubts about driving an unknown vehicle through Rush Hour Phoenix so I just decided to throw caution to the wind and floor it and hold the proverbial pedal to the floorboard and see what happened.  Now, looking back over those white knuckle minutes, I think I might know maybe a little bit of the same feeling those NASCAR racers say they have.  I have to admit it was a real adrenalin rush. It was an amazing ride the likes of which neither of us have ever experienced ever before in our entire life experience within The Phoenix Metroplex.  We both felt like we were in some sci-fi movie.  It was surreal.

We made it home safe and OK.  The Zuki got 27 mpg despite being revved to the maximum for 134 miles.

We made some Chicken Soup for Our Souls for din-din and celebrated a tremendous Dear Diary Day.


Cheers, J&S

PS--What sealed The Deal on naming the new Zuki "SuziQ" was that it sync'd with the Creedence Clearwater tune of the same name.  As soon as we arrived home, Susun had the CCR tune playing on our CD boombox.  It helps that SuziQ is the first tune to cue up.  Here it is on YouTube:

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