Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alike Minds Think Great

As all LBRs well know, both of us are "way into" sunsets. Yesterday produced a Classic Sunset Moment for both of us. We're rushing to get home from a whirlwind day in the metroplex. We just topped onto the mesa at Sunset Point. We're in separate vehicles speeding about as fast as their little engines that could. The sunset is a really good one.

So what happens? We both pulled out our digital cameras and took pictures with our right hands while holding the cameras over our left shoulders out the driver's window at 65 mph. Neither of us knew the other was doing so at almost the exact same moment. It was only when we arrived back home that we shared a good laugh about "alike minds thinking great."

The top photo is Susun's. The bottom is mine. (Them's The Bradshaw Mtns. on the dark horizon.)

Cheers, jp

PS--I finally took some photos of The Stack.  Click here to see them.

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