Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Staying at the Four Seaons

Well, not exactly.  It's NAMED the "Four Seasons" but it's a few seasons short of the full four!  Anyway, it was a little less than $45 a night plus the huge tax small towns extract from their lodging so teh grand total came to fifty buck "in the door," as we say when we traveling.  "What's the "in the door" cost?"  Susun negotiates motel prices.  I sit in the truck.  She's gets real jazzed about the whole thing--it's like "The Price Is Right" or something.  Maybe Wheel of Fortune, only different.

The room is real nice.  It has some odd warts but nothing unusual for a cheap motel room.  The nice thing is that it's huge--one of the largest rooms we enjoyed in recent memory.  Plus, the free WIFI works for both our computers so we don't have to share one machine.  A funny oddity of this room is that the lonely sole outlet is 15 feet from the table.  Luckily, I brought a 25-foot industrial extension cord so "no problem," as they say in Idaho.

It was a real nice travel day in all regard.  Ten hours went zipping past as if it was a mere fleeting thought.  Poof, suddenly we're in Kanab, Utah. We picked out the Four Seasons because it has the best turning radius for a tow rig.  I loathe a tight (or impossible) turning radius.  We who study turning radii can calculate within mere inches who much space it takes to do a 90, 180 or even 360 degree turn with our rigs.

Susun is thoroughly entertained with her computer her tonight.  She did complain that it was cutting into her "magazine reading time."  Ah, the downsides of technology.

There really wasn't anything to report about today's trip.  No out of body experiences in the Salt Lake Gauntlet, no real near misses, and our knuckles never even turned white once.  It was a cake walk.  Anyway tomorrow we probably won't jam out of here at 6 am as we are wont to do.  Nope, chances are we will wait until full daylight.  There's a piece of land east of here that so infested with deer it's unreal.  Why drive it in the dark if we don't have to?  With a great room like this and Dual WIFI, who needs to mix it up with The Bambi Babes?

This is our first opportunity to test out our new "motel rig."  So far, so good.  A complete report will be forthcoming tomorrow.

Well, that's all there is to report.  Have a great day & Many Cheers!

PS--For our new readers that's Holy Cow & Scooby Do guarding Room 139's microwave here at the Four Seasons.

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Travel safely, call when you get in!