Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your education dollars at work

Note added at 7 am the morning after writing the post below: I woke up this morning intent upon banishing this post to the obscurity of the blog's companion website. However, the comment gave me pause so I will now let the readers decide if it should stay or go. It's YOUR choice now! The poll runs for 7 days.

It's sad but true that a lot of people get burped out of the public education system and they can't spel "feence poasst!"  Meanwhile, somehow, by some miracle known only to The Speling Gawds, these people actually get jobs, mortgages and, geeze, even families!  I honestly spend way too much time wondering what our property taxes actually, truly do for the so-called "educational process." I hate to say this but I've come to a conclusion that we are simply subsidizing a system that cranks out total morons.  Yeah, there's a few smart ones.  But the smart ones would be smart even if they never went to school.  Like Abe Lincoln was.  I have a lot of proof for this hypothesis.  Here's merely one of my latest examples that  I came upon tonight on the East Idaho Craigs List.

"Must sell my car it is a 93 nissan sentra it runs grate has been in my fammly its intier life it has 225k on it but hats abaut 80k on rebild it is a stick 5th gear needs ajusted but dus not leke or burn oil it has new altenater fuel pump and cv joints the drivers side meor is gone I wold love to keep it but just got a truck so it must go asking $900.00 obo call 208 419 xxx8 ty"

If you think I made this up, click here to see the real listing:


PS--I will almost assuredly wake up tomorrow and banish this post to the obscurity of the companion website.  It's a political rant and they are not allowed here--at least between sunrise and sunset. 

Think kind thoughts for these people!  Otherwise they might wind up here:


Marti Spudboater said...

That is one of your better posts. When I started reading I thought is was about the East Coast,then realized it was East Idaho, which is no where near the Kennedy spawn, or Biden spawn, or that whack job witch running for a seat in whatever East coast state she's from. But I'm sure she has a nice broom:) This is why anytime we resort to McDonalds, I remind Megan that the folks working there typically (there are rare exceptions)never finished high school.

The Goatherder said...

I like it. I think you oughtta keep it right here. If I hadn't retired before discovering the joys of craigslist, I'd be using it in the classroom on a daily basis.

Wayne Ranney said...

Loved 'The Animals' video! Absolutely loved it!!