Monday, October 25, 2010


Sunday was just your real nice basic rainy, windy day.  The trees swayed to and fro and didn't let many leaves go.  (Is that a haiku?)  The sky spit stinging small water droplets.  It was a nice day to hang out inside.  We did venture out a couple of times--once to buy a fat chicken and the other to enjoy the raw weather with a walk on the Greenbelt.  Regardless of the weather, Miss Susun is very happy when she's out walking.

Here's two photos of The Falls here in Idaho Falls.  It sure doesn't look like much water, does it?  Well, believe it or not, it's 2950 cubic feet per second.  That's actually considered very low water here--barely enough to spin the turbines in the city's power plant not far downstream.  Susun speculated that yesterday's Snake River flow was probably more than what's in the Colorado River near Yuma.  I checked this morning and, sure enough, there's only 1100 cfs down there near Yuma.

We spent some time yesterday and this morning putting up two posts on our weather blog.  One provides insights into the current storm sweeping ashore.  The other is simply a new way of showing the precipitation forecasts at various intervals out to 3 months from now.  We put our new fangled little graphic here, too.  You can click here for the weather blog.

We coined a new phrase yesterday.  "Susun has geraniums in her cranium."  She's always had a magic touch with geraniums.  Those plants truly love her and she dearly loves them.  You simply can't believe how geraniums respond to Susun's nurturing skills.  Susun can take a tiny little geranium cutting and pretty soon it is a giant flowering plant.  It's amazing to watch.  A few years back, she won Best of Class and Best of Show at the Verde Valley Fair.  She could easily capture more such awards but that's not why she grows geraniums.  She just loves them for what they are.  Yesterday, she gave away two of her best specimens.  Yes, gave them away--not loaned them.  There's this nice guy down at the Farmers Market and it's real obvious he loves his plants, too.  Everything he brings to market simply glows with a special spirit.  So, Susun asked him Saturday if he wanted two of her most unique geraniums and he jumped at the chance to own them.  If I didn't know Susun could easily create clones from these beautiful plants, I would have balked at giving them away.  But she's got such a skill with those "geraniums in her cranium," it's no problem--there will be a ba-zillion more of them where those came from.

We're pretty much finished with our various "to do" lists.  Naturally, we have to get some metal on top of the porch and deal with the leaves.  The leaves aren't leaving for quite some time so there's no hurry on the porch metal.  Speaking of the porch, The Goatherder wondered in a comment why we didn't put a roof over the front door.  Simple.  We don't use the front door.  The west door is our main entrance.  If someone actually comes in the front door 3-4 times a year, that's a lot of usage.

Today's going to be a mostly mundane day.  (What day hasn't been lately, huh?)

We hope you have another great day and, of course, MANY Cheers!  Happy Monday!  jp

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The Goatherder said...

I get it, and I'm reminded of when we built our house and the county guy said "where's the front door?" Right here, I told him. "You can't have your front door on the back of the house" he says. It's not the back, I told him. It's the front. "No no, the front is the part that faces the street", he says. According to whom? I asked him. The front of MY house faces the SUN. The poor guy was sorely confused and went away, his world suddenly turned upside down AND backwards.