Saturday, October 9, 2010

Only one more day to a Perfect Ten

Less than 24 hours remain until a rare day occurs.  It's absolutely guaranteed to be a Perfect Ten.  How so?  Well, it's 10-10-10!  We've been discussing this day for quite a long time.  We love numerical symmetry and all of this stuff dawned on our feeble brains way back on 01-01-01.  It's been a great ride and this Number Party will end on 12-12-12.  One of the Best Ones was 02-02-02 because that was Susun's actual birthday, too, and became the Famous TuTu Day.  Who can forget 07-07-07 out at Bowery Guard Station?  Now THAT was a World Class party for sure.  The Famous 7&7 Party with a Command Performance by none other than The Spudboater!  (Cue trumpet fanfare.)  Normally, we would be writing this on the actual day of 10-10-10 but we're putting it here early for two reasons:  A) To call your attention to this important and historical calendar fact; and B) To urge you to plan and do something special and memorable tomorrow.  Each of the "trifecta dates," as we call them, provide us with a unique opportunity to elevate our Daily Game and strive for a piece of performance art that will instantly become a fond memory.  One thing's for certain sure--there's NO DOUBT that tomorrow's a Perfect Ten!

Yesterday worked according to plan.  As expected, it took all morning to refine the holes and align the form tubes.  It was a tedious process and taxed my patience to the max.  After lunch we decided to take it one step at a time and move slowly into the next phase.  One-by-one the puzzle pieces all assembled on stage.  We looked at our watches and realized it was only 2 pm and we had everything ready to go.  So we dived right in and began mixing and pouring concrete like we knew what we were doing.  As if by magic, we soon had both footers complete and, much to our total surprise it was well before 4 pm!  I managed to return the mixer with an official time stamped receipt of 4:20 pm and somehow even squeezed in the ritual visit to the WINCO Spa and Relaxation Center where the soothing Friday cacophony of screaming babies and hypertensive, sugar-supercharged children never fails to elicit a deep state of bliss.

While Susun enjoyed a well deserved lengthy soak in hot water, I put a two-pound pork roast into El Turco and savored the completion of a genuine grunt day.  Now, we will wait perhaps a week for the concrete to cure before beginning the next phase.  Since our decks are rather clear of projects right now, today and tomorrow hold promise for many great potential things to do.

Astute LBRs who have good memories may be asking themselves, "Hum...weren't they supposed to be in City of Rocks with The Spudboater this weekend?"  Several days ago, we became spooked by the weather forecasts and called off the trip.  Spudboater was (thankfully) very understanding and gracious about it.  We don't know much about the actual weather down there but the weather here hasn't been the best the last couple of days.  We're glad we're here and not there.  So, in hindsight, it turns out that the Jenny Lake Trip was our actual last camping trip of the season.  There will be no mo camping until mid-spring 2011 at the earliest.  In future years, we suspect that the Annual Jenny Lake Post Labor Day Trip will always be our official last camping trip of each season.  Fall is a great time to mimic squirrel behavior.  The bushy-tailed rodents scurry about burying tree nuts in their little stashes.  The frenzied preparation for winter is a hallmark of squirrel behavior.  Perhaps we should take a hint from our Rodent Kin and devote all our energies to preparation for the upcoming radical shift in annual weather cycles.

Much Merriment has already been had with the mere mention of Atomic City.  (See both comments below yesterday's post.)  Unfortunately Phil was a no show yesterday.  He did call and told a sorry tale of woe.  His Old Beater blew a heater hose and he was stranded in Atomic City. That's roughly the same thing as being stranded on a desert island, only worse I suppose.  Goatherder has suggested we capitalize on this priceless opportunity by delivering the Sidekick to Phil.  Nice idea but that might be pushing our Road Trip Karma a little too far.  There's no way we want to risk being stranded on that particular desert island, not even for a New York Minute.  Meanwhile, in case you didn't notice, we put up a YouTube clip from the famous Star Wars Cantina Scene.  Surely, Phil's saloon will have a real similar vibe and with a name like Atomic City, maybe even the cast of characters will look the same. 

Okie, dokie, that's about the size of it for now.  Many Cheers, jp


The Goatherder said...

"His Old Beater blew a heater hose and he was stranded in Atomic City."
This here's poetry by golly. Surely there's a Merle Haggard style song just waiting for these lyrics.

Regarding 10-10-10, it's also significant that the binary number 101010 is equal to 42 in American numbers, and as any Douglas Adams fan knows, the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is, wait for it......FOURTY TWO!!!

I learnt about this from those communists on NPR yesterdy.

Marti Spudboater said...

The Answer is 42. What is the question? Don't tell me, Goatherder, I actually already know. It's that Monty Python thing about the meaning of life. If ever I meet you we'll have to dream up a Merle Haggard/Reba McIntyre kind of song about Johnny Montezuma. I just know there is one in my mind somewhere.

Isn't it amazing what one can learn from that commie run NPR/IPTV?

And Johnny, you ought to post some photos from the 07-07-07 day. It was way fun. For 10-10-10 I'll probably be drinking beer and cleaning the gutters. And moving the chicken tractor into the garden area. The only thing left is the tomatoes.