Monday, October 18, 2010


Here we go again. Another Monday. We spent all day Sunday working on the porch project. The fruits of our labor are show in the photo above. Yeah, I know, it doesn't look like much but it took all day to get those uprights and the header in place. We didn't finish until right smack dab at Happy Hour. Everything's plumb and correctly anchored and evenly spaced. Now the focus shift to the porch roof rafters. Since we have no real clue how to attach them to the house, we're going to seek some outside, expert advice from various sources. Anyway, things are moving right along and we are on target to finish the project this week before the weather patterns change.

We'd like to call your attention this morning to some major CPR news. The American Heart Association is really emphatic now--go straight to 100 chest compressions per minute and skip the airway and breathing part of the ABC's of CPR. Everybody should be well aware of this major sea change in dealing with a heart attack victim. It's all over Google News this morning. Click here for a good beginning article from Reuters. Please remind your family, friends and acquaintances about this change. It's something we all need to know. As one who has gone through CPR training many times, I can guarantee you that it qualifies as "Pretty Big News."

We're trying to learn how to bake in the Patio Caddie. Here's some turkey sausages we smoked last night. We have a identical unit in Arizona. Since we're not taking El Turco south, we need to learn how to bake in this thing until such time as we get an earthen oven up and running.

We added some additional comments below the Three Stooges golf video below.

'Tis going to be a busy Mųñēdaƴ!

Cheers, jp

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