Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Golf Video--for all you Golf Fans!

You can click here for the second part of this episode. It's filled with typical Stooges craziness. Note that this Three Stooges movie was released in 1935! The audio is not very good. You can view it as a silent movie and it still comes across OK. The first scenes are not golf-related. Don't worry, it's definitely a golf movie filled with typical Three Stooges sight gags, etc. Interestingly, we bought a metal poster at a t-store that shows the Three Stooges dressed in their golf "get ups." We had no idea that the poster pose was a part of the 1935 movie trailer. The signature Idaho Falls golf course is Pinecrest. Next year will be its 75th Anniversary, so we presume it opened in 1936, a year after this Stooges movie was making the rounds of early movie theaters. We wonder if early golfers at Pinecrest wore outfits similar to those shown in this movie? We've suggested having a 1930's "golf re-enactment" as part of the Pinecrest Anniversary. The idea went over like the proverbial lead balloon. We wonder if you could even find since outlandish golf clothing anymore?

Cheers, jp

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