Monday, October 4, 2010

It's all about Sunsets.

I'm writing this at about sunset. Sunset is a special time, as we all know.  Outdoors people treasure their sunsets.  Even though they may not be able to recall very many individual sunsets, the whole concept of sunsets is burned in their brain's synapses like a branding iron on calf skin.  Show me a human who doesn't cherish sunsets and I'll show you someone totally out of touch with life.  Sunsets are a primal connection with the millenia we humans have shared this earth with all creatures big, small, long and tall.

And so it is that we follow a blog that is all about Sunsets. The publisher of our local daily newspaper does the blog.  Roger's his name and publishing's his game.  Roger seems to be a Superman flying around in a red cape because he does so many things well all at once.  He has the whole concept of "multi-tasking" totally wired for sound.  Roger's a real Renaissance Man and I'm sure he actually knows how to spell Renaissance without using his spel cheker.  I don't.

You can click here to connect to all the awesome blogs Roger does.

Anyway, Roger's an OCD writer/photographer and he has to be writing something or taking pictures every waking moment, as far as I can tell.  That's what Renaissance Men do--they juggle jobs, family and so forth and STILL manage to write and snap pictures every waking moment.

OK, well, you are probably wondering when I am going to get around to my point here.  Me, too.  So, I follow Roger's blog about sunsets.  And, so, he posts up a sunset on September 13th and then the screen goes blank.  Poof, just like that--no mo sunsets.  Well, time passes.  Meanwhile, I get real impatient.  Afterall, I had become dependent on these sunset views of the sun setting over our Fair City.  But nothing.  Tick. Tick. Tick.  The days tick by.  No sunsets.  So I send Roger an email and say "Whazzup with yer sunsets?"  And he gives me a most appropriate answer and sez, "Hey, I can't be taking Idaho Falls sunset pictures because I was in Bandon, Oregon."  Oh, dang.  Tough duty.  Well, we cut Roger some slack with his world class excuse.

 Meanwhile, more time passes.  And there's still no mo sunset photos on Roger's blog.  I'm getting more and more impatient with each passing day.  Some of you LBR's know just how important sunsets are in our lives.  Now that we live "down & in" here in Idaho Falls, we can't really SEE the sun set.  We get a oblique hint of what a sunset might look like by the coloration of the clouds or sky.  But that's it.  Close, but no cigar.

So, Roger's blog is our lifeboat for sunsets.  To use a river runner analogy, Roger's photos are a throw rope in a rapid!  We can cling to them and reconnect with something that is real primally important to us.

OK, so last night I was out near the cook shack waiting for the aroma therapy of the four chicken leg quarters to fire off and excite the olfactory ambiance of the evening, sipping Happy Hour libations as we are wont to do.  And I was looking west down the scrabbled-up limbs akimbo alleyways we have here thinking to myself,

" " THAT's a potential shot for Roger to be taking for his sunset blog and I sure hope he does because I'd sure like to see what it REALLY looked like instead of the "hint" of a sunset we inner city dwellers get."

OK,  so this morning we get around to clicking over to Roger's blog and--BAM, as Emeril would say, imagine our surprise when we saw last night's sunset in dazzling beauty displayed on Roger's blog and--get this--WITH our own name attached!  We didn't know whether to fall out of our chair or laugh uproariously out loud.  (Note for acronym fans: LOL is simply "Laugh out Loud."  Laughing Uproariously Out Loud is a LUOL)  We had a major LUOL when we came upon Roger's post of last night's sunset.

We sent Roger a "thank you" note, of course. The whole thing is a textbook example of what we love so much about our new home here in Idaho Falls.  This place is real.  I caught a few minutes of a cooking show on the Food Channel today.  As you all know, I don't watch any TV.  But this show caught my eye--it was a really animated Black Woman who's show is called "Cooking for Real."  It made me think.  Living here is all about "Living for Real."  This place ROX and we are proud to call it home.  We're Living For Real here!

Thank you, Roger, for making this place come alive in fascinating and delightful ways!  We appreciate your energy, enthusiasm and engagement.  May your enlightening spirit shine forth forever!

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stasea was here 10/4t 10:50pm hawaii time!! good to be caught up with you two!!