Saturday, October 30, 2010

Awesome sunsets continue

This strange and wondrous magical fall weather we've been savoring has been producing a string of stunning sunsets.  Luckily for us, Roger is up in the foothills dutifully recording the sweeping vistas we wish we could see from our inner city niche.  He has put up the last two evenings on his Sunset Blog.  You can click here to visit his blog. He also rewrote his beer comments from a prior sunset.  Roger's is one of the very few blogs we follow.  I think we follow only 4 blogs.  To me, getting up each morning to check Roger's sunset blog is a little like being a kid again and getting up on Christmas Morning to see what Santa left under the tree.

Maybe we will take a few sunset photos ourselves when we get down to Ol' Airy Zonie.  As some of our readers know, our place at Montezuma Well provides some magnificent sunset panoramas.  I sure wish we would have kept a chronology of them like Roger is doing from his place high in the foothills.  THANKS, Roger, you continue to delight us with your artistry!  Carry on.

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Kirsty said...

That is gorgeous. Thanks for the link to that blog! We had a spectacular one in NW Ohio last night. My kids call them God's paintings.