Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wayne's World - 1977

We were discussing Wayne R. in the blog post below.  We sent Wayne an email last night wondering about his early days (not long after covered wagons came through) with the National Park Service in Meadview, Arizona.  Meadview was MOAN Country before anyone knew what it meant.  Anyway, Wayne scanned and sent the above photo of himself "back in the day."  The Photo was taken by none other  but the one and only Bryan (AKA: BTB).  Thanks, Wayne, Central Casting couldn't have done better!


Anonymous said...

One word. WOW.

Marti Spudboater said...

OMG. I met Wayne when we staged our Grand Canyon trip out of his house in Flagstaff in 1980 and you and BTB came on that trip. Unfortunately, the only photos of Wayne I have from that trip are on slides that have not yet been scanned. He had a pony tail when we were there. What a handsome young pup.