Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Monkee (ing)

Ya'll know how I feel 'bout Mondays. I roamed El Net this morning looking for good quotes with which to make fun of Mondays but Mondays are so lame nobody even has any good hand grenades to toss Monday's way. So, I think I am going to morph the 1960's Monkee music somehow and graft their schlock onto Mondays. I don't have a handle on this concept yet but give me time, OK? OK.

Come to think of it, maybe the main Monkees theme song would be apt for playing early Monday morning. It would help me get into the "swing" of things. (Pun intended.)

'Tis going to be a somewhat busy day. It started right off like a typical Monday morning when I forgot that I had to be someplace at 8 am. I remembered that point of fact precisely at 8 am. Soooo....that meant I had to rush around as fast as possible and zoom off to where I was supposed to be. But I got there too late to have done what was scheduled and soooo...then we zoomed off to another place that we had accidentally double booked with the first place and dropped off the Zuki and bicycled home. See? Can't you already tell this is a typical Monday?

Luckily, we had the foresight to build a bicycle rack on the Zuki late yesterday and, luckily, we actually loaded the bike on it last night. Otherwise, this morning would have been twice as hectic and 50% as productive. Higher math, ya know?

After Oswald's R&R's both front wheel bearings on the Zuki, I then have to take it out to Sears to get new shocks put on. We're getting down to the short list on this vehicle. Tomorrow morning we're getting all the gear oil replaced in four cases and then we have to do the valve cover gasket and we're gonna "call it good" at that point. I was gonna pull the radiator and replace the alternator but I'm gonna simply wait until it needs it rather than being proactive like I should be.
As usual, you can read all about our Zuki stuff over on the Zuki blog by clicking here.

The Goatherder has put up a new post on this wine blog this morning. It's a real good read. Click here to check it out.

I had a lot of fun yesterday swapping a lot of emails with Carrie over in St. Chinian, France. I roamed Google Earth and found some cool photos of their area there and learned a lot about that region in the South of France. She & Jerry will be there until October 23 and she graciously invited us to come and stay at their rented home there. Nice idea and THANKS, Carrie!

Well, we're going to walk away from this infernal machine and see what kind of trouble we can get into Monkee (ing) around on Monday.

Cheers, jp

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